Digital Transformation

Is your business fit for the digital world?

Everything that can be digital will be. And we are just at the beginning of the digital revolution. Identifying and understanding the changes ahead and their direct impact on your business model and structure is a top concern for any C-level management. Our senior business intelligence experts, equipped with international experience, will guide and support your business through the transformation process.

  • Digital transformation strategy & consulting
  • Digital maturity audits
  • Digital assets analysis
  • C-Level coaching
  • Digital transformation offsite workshops
  • Digital literacy training
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Social Media

Meaningful relationships make perfect business sense

Social Media is the perfect place to make relationships come to life. Use Social Media’s rich creative potential to express your brand’s narrative and to create lasting relationships with your audience somewhere where they naturally converse. Our team of brand and content experts will maximize your brand’s conversational power to create a tangible impact on your brand’s reach, perception and business results.

  • Strategy, design and management of social media programs
  • Community & content management
  • Social Media optimization
  • Content strategy and production
  • Social media implementation and governance
  • Social PR
  • Performance measurement
  • Training, consulting & coaching
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Monitoring and reputation management

Protect, preserve and promote your online reputation

Yes, people are talking about your brand on digital channels. Still not joining the conversation? Our strategic monitoring services will identify marketing opportunities and provide an early-warning system for potential threats to your reputation. Create value by increasing customers’ confidence in your brand and gain real-time insights.

  • Web and Social Media monitoring
  • Online reputation consulting
  • Digital monitoring strategy, resource and technological implementation
  • Influencer research and identification
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Sentiment & customer perception analysis
  • Strategic monitoring for market insights
  • Training & coaching
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Business and brand intelligence

Knowing me, knowing you

Digital strategies evolve in real-time - communication channels change the way we interact and behave. Our business intelligence unit closes the gap between what you know and what you should know. We distill business insights and make your marketing more relevant. Together we define the best approach, identify highly specific audience segments and unveil new digital markets and opportunities.

  • Digital business intelligence research
  • Digital campaign and program deployment
  • Digital consulting
  • Digital branding
  • Brand positioning
  • Innovation workshops & coaching
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Analytics and data strategy

Numbers can talk.

The insights generated by data analysis tell a captivating and strong story. They tell the tale of how you can optimize your online and offline marketing to perform more efficiently. Measuring your website's performance is just the beginning. Combining different data sources completes the picture and allows you to make informed decisions on your marketing strategy.

  • ROI measurement
  • Data monetization strategies
  • Google Analytics optimization
  • Dashboard creation and reporting
  • KPI definition
  • Market segmentation
  • Data analysis and business intelligence
  • Training & coaching
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