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ONE DROP is an initiative by Cirque du Soleil’s founder Guy Laliberté. One Drop’s mission is to fight poverty by providing access to water and making the public more aware of the issues surrounding this vital natural resource.

To increase the foundation’s visibility, founder Guy Laliberté, the first Canadian tourist in space, launched a global show which included acclaimed artists such as U2, Peter Gabriel & Shakira. The foundation requested Ressac’s help to promote this unique initiative through digital channels.

This is how we did it…

Social networks were actively used prior to and during the event. Our aim was to identify key influencers in more than 14 different countries on all 4 continents. Online influencers, particularly bloggers, are extremely solicited by brands and causes. Creating an authentic relationship with them was key to gaining influence and generate value for the cause.

By empowering these influencers with the right tools (VIP passes to the events, interviews, cameras) and exclusive content about One Drop’s event and space mission, we were able to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Interesting fact, the vas majority of these online influencers were women. Our previous analysis identified this specific demographic as the most receptive to environmental causes.

Understanding technology makes the difference

We were one of the first agencies worldwide to create a cause Tweetbon. A Tweetbon is a widget that allows users to slightly alter their user picture to support a cause or movement. A small drop that represented One Drop logo helped in forging interest for the upcoming event.

In addition to this widget, we crafted a tool that allowed users visiting the event site to easily share content among their peers, RSS feeds and other online content platforms.

We knew from the beginning that this planetary event would create massive attention. We needed a reliable platform to support this unique content, in real time and with strong social capabilities. We created a content partnership with Ustream, one of the most respected live video content platforms on the market. This partnership allowed One Drop to benefit from an high level of exposure directly on Ustream’s homepage.

The power of CNN

  • Half
    a billion
    influence communication assessed the online media coverage at a half a billion dollars.
  • 878
    people were exposed to the event in more than 71 countries

All these aligned tactics generated interest among traditional media outlets. Thanks to Ressac’s efforts, One Drop’s mission was communicated primetime on CNN and other major media players like the Huffington Post. A domino effect was engaged and suddenly there was an international media interest for the initiative.

D-day has arrived: War Room

A social media command center was the epicenter of all of Ressac’s real time tactics to influence online users about One Drop’s mission. A team of multilingual community managers was able to generate interest among online peers and influence them to share the initiative and access live content on Ustream.

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  • There was a status update on Facebook regarding the event every two seconds
  • The event generated more than 300,000 Google search results
  • The One Drop twibbon was adopted by some 5,000 users
  • A tweet on the event was published every second
  • There were 123,000 live screenings of the event on Ustream