Social Media leads Familiprix digital transformation


Building Engagement to Increase Profits

Defining and launching a brand on social media is quite a challenge, especially if you’re one of Quebec’s most influential brands. With over 300 locations in the provinces of Quebec and New-Brunswick, Familiprix generates sales of over $1 billion per year.

Social media presence must reflect, promote and increase consumer engagement towards a brand in a way that is spontaneous and authentic all the while increasing positive word-of-mouth advertising. When ressac was tasked with conducting an initial analysis of Familiprix’s activities, we immediately noticed that the number of fans, interactions and content on its Facebook page was insufficient for a company of its stature and that more could be done to increase consumer engagement and buzz.

A clear vision with business-oriented solutions

Ressac therefore proposed a series of solutions that would make Familiprix a social media titan. We wanted to do more than simply create a major social network; our goal was to create a positioning that would convert each digital initiative into a profitable and measurable action.

Management’s involvement

One of the deficiencies that we noted in our brand analysis in terms of vision and strategic development was that the company had underrated the importance of management’s involvement in building a social media presence. To build trust in a social environment where the brand has a desire to show its human side, brand champions who work in senior management must be willing to take the brand to the next level without undermining what it has already achieved. In this regard, Familiprix’s senior managers showed exemplary commitment and enthusiasm.

When synergy makes all the difference

Familiprix’s success on social media can be attributed to a convergence of talented teams following the same innovative vision. Since technical expertise in itself is no longer enough, Ressac set up a multidisciplinary team, supported by a common vision and specific objectives, in order to create a dynamic that would promote creative thinking and effective problem-solving.

Brainstorming clinics conducted with the clients enabled us to identify Familiprix’s challenges and to create an action plan which focused on the following elements:

  • 1. Governance and training

    Identify, integrate and motivate project stakeholders. Develop and document knowledge, and enable Familiprix to work independently on its social media platforms.

  • 2. Growth

    Develop an engaged community in a manner consistent with the brand’s positioning by deploying an innovative community management strategy with an array of growth tactics.

  • 3. Performance

    Capture and analyze data related to Familiprix’s presence on social media and then turn this information into profitable business intelligence.

  • 4. Commercialization and return on investment

    Produce and measure the commercial value of Familiprix’s presence on social media.

Domino effect campaign: leveraging social media to promote growth

To underscore Opération Enfant Soleil's 25th anniversary and its 20-year partnership with Familiprix, Ressac created the “effet domino” (domino effect) campaign.

Familiprix’s Facebook fans, as well as potential fans, were asked to create a virtual domino with a personalized message destined for an “enfant soleil” (sick child). Each domino created was added to a virtual chain of dominos built by our virtual community, which included friends, family and celebrity well-wishers.

To further promote the cause, an actual 25,000 dominos chain (the largest domino chain ever built in Canada) was built and set off by an “enfant soleil”.

Why good content pays off

Our community management strategy enabled us to energize Familiprix’s voice on social media. Creating original content related to other brand activities raised its positioning and produced a recognizable footprint with users. We were able to determine that Familiprix’s posts generated superior commitment levels, which confirmed the excellence and relevance of the messages and the affinities between consumers and their interests.

All of these tactics were collected into one digital environment which permitted us to not only gather relevant information but to also wisely reinvest this intelligence in order to optimize the impact of each strategy and identify new opportunities to better understand consumer behaviors and interests. In other words, these tactics permitted us to generate profitable conversations.