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the algorithmic media age.


Digital investment

Let’s talk business. Digital marketing is the best investment to transform your ambitions into tangible value for your company. At Ressac, we look for and find personalized solutions that bring clarity and simplicity into our clients’ digital strategies. Once we are inspired by a brand’s mission and vision, we are able to drive profitability.

Intelligent search

The digital industry is in constant expansion, hence the importance of making right, and smart decisions. We aim to develop sign. At Ressac, we concentrate on exploring meaningful solutions that efficiently deliver a message, an idea or an emotion to the right person at the right time.

Creativity - a profitability driver

We like to speak of true creativity, that is to say the type of creativity that is meant to ensure the success of business strategies. The type of creativity that first considers the scope of your goals and limitations. The type of creativity that is rooted in the desire to see your business grow and perform. The volatile “out of the box” creativity, enamored of total freedom, that's not for us.

Co-creation is at the heart of our collaboration

Because many heads are better than one, the co-creation methodology used between Ressac and its clients fosters a culture of sharing and transparency, essential to any successful venture. The more we get to know you, the more efficiently we can convert your limitations into an innovative and profitable digital performance.

We thrive on data marketing

Data fuels our strategic vision. We are experts at decoding, interpreting and explaining data, to then exploit it to its full digital marketing potential. We help you take control of your data, and in turn, of your business.


We are entrepreneurs at heart. This is reflected in our internal initiatives showcasing our knowledge and passion for digital media as a business and societal transformation vector.


Incubated by Ressac, Feedality allows influencers to monetize their audience



Is a podcast that fuels the debate on technology and marketing


Hackathon Marketing

A design thinking initiative activated by Ressac


La Passerelle

A community initiative aiming to connect the Mile-End and Rosemont neighbourhoods with a footbridge

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Startup Chile
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Ressac proprietary social monitoring tool.
Radio-Canada et Moi
Boomerang Grand Prix / Best online tool
Poetic Social Mission | ONE DROP
Boomerang Grand Prix / Social Media
Boomerang Award / Best PR
Bees Awards Nomination / Best Social Media Campaign
Boomerang Award / Social Media
Le Devoir
Nominated Prix Média